Amazing First Day of Rise Conference 2019 in Hong Kong

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Amazing First Day of Rise Conference 2019 in Hong Kong

As expected – Rise delivered a ton of amazing content and connections. Here at Global From Asia we brought out more of the team to help cover this event this year and I will take the time to give a quick recap of what we learned and found on day one.

Press Conference About the USA/ China Trade War

Paddy, the founder of Web Summit – had a day 1 press conference to share his opinions and perspectives on this trade war.

He is seeing it as a dampening of innovation and business in general, as businesses don’t like risk and uncertainty – and that is what is happening now with this trade war.

I was able to ask a question of what he thinks China is more nervous about – the Huawei blocking or the Import tariffs. His reply was his feeling this is history repeating itself – USA and Japan had a similar issue of US blocking Japanese technology and it backfired as then Japan started to focus on international markets and growing its distribution network.

We are also not a fan of protectionism here at Global From Asia and glad to see Paddy advocating openness and collaboration between countries.

Found A lot of Nice Southeast Asia Startups

On our Global From Asia hunt for startups in the cross border ecommerce space, we found some nice ones in Thailand and Philippines area. Maybe it is this trade war, or maybe it is just because it is more on my radar – but I found more ecommerce businesses in ecommerce in Southeast Asia.

Podcast Interview with US Returnee to Taiwan – AI social Media Ecommerce Tech

On the hunt for an interview, we found Jennifer Chen, an entrepreneur from Taiwan, at the Taiwan Startup Stadium booth.

She is working with SME brands to help them better leverage their already existing content to create social media content on multiple social platforms. The idea is that SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) don’t have the time to create all the content / assets to fit the requirements of these social platforms (size, layouts, text density, etc).

Her startup, Dipp – helps these business owners upload all their product photos and logos / branding and then the AI technology generates images for all these social and ecommerce sites.

The podcast will be coming soon, stay tuned!

Lucian Enjoying The Booths

Here’s a fun photo of Lucian having fun at one of the booths snapping an image.

Streamed Live on Global From Asia Facebook

We wrapped up the day taking a Facebook Live walkthrough of the venue. From the booths to some of the speakers – we gave you an insiders look at how the Rise Conference went

Check it out here

Look Forward To More GFA Coverage of Rise

Our media team is on the ground in Rise covering these startups and what is happening. Stay tuned for more updates as there are still a couple more days of this massive conference to go!

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