Retykle: Giving Recycle A Whole New Meaning

For eco-conscious individuals, any endeavor towards environment protection and conservation is much appreciated. Companies or businesses that make significant contributions to these efforts are worth mentioning.

During the Rise Conference 2019, Global From Asia had the chance to speak with Sarah Garner, the founder of Retykle, a luxury resale e-commerce platform that focus on designer baby, children and maternity clothing.

It provides the avenue for parents to sell the clothing that their children have outgrown and for other parents to buy these mildly used yet still stylish and quality, designer clothing for their children at a fraction of a price.

You can learn more about Retykle and how it works from Sarah herself as she tells of Retykle’s story to one of Global From Asia’s media team member, Lucian through this short interview:

Who would have thought that technological advancement, fashion and environmental protection can work together to create sustainability.

There may be a play of words between Retykle and Recycle. But the efforts being done by Retykle cannot be downplayed. It is, after all truly implementing the 3 R’s of sustainability – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Thank you to Sarah for sharing the story behind Retykle and giving us a whole new meaning and experience on recycling.

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